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Mayor of Normanton

Councillor Fiona Marchant was born in Wakefield but has lived in Normanton since the age of three. Fiona attended Common Junior and then the Modern School. Fiona is married to her husband, Paul, and together they have four children and four grandchildren.

Most people know Fiona from her job as the lollipop lady for Normanton Common Primary School where she has worked for 24 years. Fiona also volunteers as a career for the elderly and helps out with the Meet ‘N’ Eats Diner.

Fiona has had many happy years being involved with Normanton Knights Rugby club, then almost 23 years ago she became involved in a voluntary community cheerleading group, with members from age two upwards. Fiona continues to work with the Normanton Knightingales Cheerleading group to this day.

Fiona loves her hometown of Normanton, and hopes to get the support of the community, which she believes is second to none, during her time as Mayor.

Fiona will be supporting The Well Project and mental health charities during her year in office.

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